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An ashtray is a receptacle for ash from cigarettes and cigars. Ashtrays are typically made of fire-retardant material such as glass, heat-resistant plastic, pottery, metal, or stone.


The most common ashtray design is a shallow cylinder with a flat base, to rest on a table. Other ashtrays, particularly in public places, are wall-mounted, and larger than standard tabletop ashtrays due to the increased use they receive.

There are also public ashtrays combined with trashcans. Many ashtrays have notches at the rim, to hold cigarettes and/or a cigar.

Cars ashtrays

if you smoke while driving, a car ashtray is essential to your safety and to prevent any littering on the roads. Fortunately, there’s a range of products made from heat-resistant materials that easily slip into a cup holder or on your dashboard. Appearance isn’t essential to the ashtray’s practicality, but it’s always a good idea to have a product that enhances your vehicle’s interior. We’ve selected high-quality products that are easy to attach and will keep odors at a minimum.

Frequently ashtrays were equipped in older large or luxury cars before later being available as dealer-installed accessory items. For example, cars such as the BMW E38 featured ashtrays and lighters installed in both rear doors.

Benefits of Car Ashtrays

  • Convenient. When you’re on your way to work or running errands, you don’t always want to wait until you stop to have a cigarette. The best portable car ashtray allows you to smoke when and where you want.
  • Affordable. Car cup holder ashtrays are not very expensive. You may pay slightly more for higher-quality products, but in general they cost less than $20, which is well worth the investment if you’re a frequent smoker.
  • Great accessory. Older cars come with built-in trays, but most modern vehicles don’t have them as a standard option. If you want to smoke in your car, you need to buy an aftermarket device to accommodate your needs.
  • Added freedom. These days, smoking is prohibited in many places. Many public places have smoking bans, but you can take as many puffs as you want in the confines of your car.

There are ashtrays that have a cover to prevent odor from leaving the ashtray. It also prevents oxygen from flowing in, so a cigarette will go out pretty fast, even if it has not been completely extinguished by pushing into the surface.

The word “ashtray” in unhyphenated form, rather than “ash tray” or “ash-tray”, did not come into common use until 1926.[2]

As time went on, and the onset of women smoking both cigars and cigarettes became less of a departure from the average person, ashtrays saw a decline in design aesthetics and began more of a shift towards practicality. However, it was not uncommon to see ashtrays featuring pin-up girls in bars during this decade. It was also during this time that another trend began to emerge, which was the auto-ashtray.

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