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 Buy Rolling Trays 

Say Good Bye to disorganization and keep everything neatly in one place with our rolling trays! Our trays help collect even the tiniest spill from your precious herbs and they are great for rolling and packing at home or for the perfect smoke on the go.

These trays are the essential accessory every smoker needs to stay efficient with their rolls. Keep all your tobacco, herbs and other rolling tools in one place with these special holders. You’ll find that you lose things far less often when you have a rolling tray to store them in! Make sure your precious dollars are going through your pipe or rolling paper, and not onto the floor.

Our rolling trays all have raised edges that make it easy to keep everything exactly where you want it, on a flat surface or balance in your lap (or on your tummy in bed, let’s be honest). Not only are these trays extremely useful, but they also come in a range of awesome designs.

.        As essential but oft-overlooked accessories, weed rolling trays provide a stable foundation to create all manner of joints, blunts, and spiffs. They prevent precious herb from going to waste, all while keeping your essentials in easy reach.

Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Wooden options tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts, but with a heftier price tag and weight.
  • Plastic options are lightweight and easily stashed in a bag if you need to roll on the move. They thrive on simplistic design, and you may want more functionality than plastic can offer.
  • The remaining material types offer a blend of pros and cons from both wood and plastic, alongside properties such as being eco-friendly, handcrafted, or particularly visually appealing.

Ultimately, the right type of rolling tray will come down to your budget and desired features from our website

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