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Feminized Seeds

Want to buy feminized seeds? At BLAZIN BUDS DISPENSARY we have a great range of feminized weed seeds including some of the most popular strains like Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout and OG Kush. Want to make sure you buy high quality feminized cannabis seeds? Take a look at our wide assortment below and order your feminized seeds today

The these seeds are created using the female plants which have received a special hormone treatment known as gigerell-acid. An effect of using this hormone is that it is able to force the female plants to produce cannabis flowers of the male species from its pollen containing X-chromosome. Once fertilized using this pollen the female plants is only likely to generate seeds which are 100-percent female. This is certain to mean the resulting crop produced from these seeds includes the familiar flowers with the THC layer of crystals.


The creation and evolution of these cannabis seeds have been one of the defining moments in the expansion of the cannabis market over the last few decades.

Before these seeds were introduced to the market, regular seeds were the norm. These were typically made up of 50% male and 50% female seeds. This was often a source of frustration for growers who were forced to double the number of seedlings in order to ensure a satisfactory number of female plants for future cultivation.

The creation of feminized cannabis seeds meant that the inconvenience of male plants, particularly their size, was no longer a concern

Today. These seeds are bred in a way that enables them to develop and flower as female plants only. Their breeding process eliminates virtually all male chromosomes; the probability of female plants growing is 99.9%.

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